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grammargasm's Journal

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This is a communal community.  I hereby trust that yall want this place to be a light-hearted place of liking words and such.  If you're concerned by some post or another, email me at the_xtina at livejournal dot com, and I'll take a look.

Grammargasm!  Things about words and grammar and etymology that make you squee with delight!  Obsessed with Scrabble?  Love the Word Jumble?  Delighted by the background of a word?  Post in here!

Things that are in-general welcome: posts about spelling, grammar, speech patterns, and so forth.  Etymology, conjugations, new dictionary sightings... you get the picture.  Note: Expanded to include generic grammatical questions (such as "Should $sentence be 'he and I'?"), though any longer proofreading queries should go to proofraeding (sic).

Things that are in-general not welcome: posts that are mean-spirited.  Let us differentiate ourselves from other grammar- or word-communities who enjoy mocking others for their lack of knowledge or ability.  This is a place of enjoyment and learning, not of ranting and pissiness.  There are places for such ranting, and this place ent it.

Places you could go instead, if this isn't what you're looking for:
grammar_nazis for ranting;
grammargeeks for grammar/format questions; or
proofraeding (sic) for proofreading papers and the like.

This community is maintained by d bernmarx.  I doubt that I need to bother Being A Moderator™ here, given its fluffy linguaphilic nature.  However, I will use the same reasoning I use in my own journal: If you come trolling around here, I will not hesitate to ban you.  I do not suffer fools.

Please read the memories for various community rules posts before posting.  I mean, there aren't really a lot, as this is a fairly straight-forward community, but still, nice to know.

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